True Blue
True Blue
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Residence Luneria
Occupation Bodyguard
Nationality NeighponeseNeighpon text Horz

True Blue, née Masao Shizukesa (静けさ真青 shizukesa masao?, True Blue Tranquility)Play Was born to Morning Glory and Heavenly Blue 976 CYP in Yotoequi,Neighpon.


Early LifeEdit

Born a fraternal twin to Minuette True Blue's Father and mother separated at an early age over a dispute as to how to raise their children. Heavenly Blue departed Neighpon to Equestria taking Minuette with him.

True Blue was trained from an Early age in the way of the sword and various Neighponese Martial Arts.

Mugen Shizukesa no Ryujin
Mugen Shizukesa no Ryujin

"Dragon Blade of Infinite Tranquility"
Type Jintachi
Origin Neighpon