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Born to Doctor Whooves and Roseheart a skip out of time until she is forced to be sent to the alpha timeline. There she tries to make her way in life while conflicted with her bloodline as a half Timelord. 

Timestep makes her home in the Ponyville Clock Tower while often staying with other ponies, in particular Derpy who takes a instant shine to the out of place foal.

She is plauged by nightmares about getting her cutiemark, fearful of her flank being the display of a broken hourglass. A sign she may never be what her father is, and is nothing more than a mistake. These fears prevent the apperance of her true cutie, stressing over its apperance to the point of making herslef physically unwell. 

Taking a love to gears and all things timey-wimey she often helps fix the Clock Tower herself, and to always check it is running on time. She seeks to learn as much about this time period she calls home, her small room often scattered with various books.

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