(The) Oracle
Kind TimePony
Sex Female
Residence Gallopfrey
Occupation Seer of the unseen


Born into Gallopfry at a time before the great  timewar. She was gifted with the unique ability to commune directly with the TARDIS and at points the timestream itself. Though what sense could be made of the mutterings of time were often debatable.  Awarded with a standing of the utmost high by the Gallopfrian Council as little more then a ploy in attmept to abuse her gift for their own purposes. While still young she was blinded, in theory that cutting off unneeded elements would intencify her poweress. 

Her life was spent seperated from others, as little more then the councils pretty doll while being kept under constant guard. In sheer spite during a moment of solitude, she threw herself into the timestream itself to escape their grasp. 

The Oracle was reborn as Timestep Whooves, still retaining some shadow of her ability.