Sunset Rose
Sunset Rose
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Residence [[Canterlot]][[Category:Canterlot residents]]
  Rose is normally a fairly level-headed and rational pony with no true interest in what other ponies think of her. While normally very indifferent for tense situations, she is very protective of her friends and loved ones and will fight hoof-to-hoof for them, no matter who it is that stands between them. Though normally a bit introverted, Rose is actually a very kind and sweet pony who finds a lot of satisfaction in making others around her as happy as possible. Her love of wine is her most prevalent sin. It's said among her friends that Rose's blood itself is probably 40 proof. She's actually a very tame drunk, and normally prefers to keep to things she loves best when drinking, often finding odd yet creative muses after a few glasses. She also enjoys reading in the bath and flirting.