Trope Descripton
Dream WeaverThe basis of her magic
Drop the Hammer
Foal MageUnicorn magic Magic Aura
Hammer between the teethHer hammer, Judgement.
Mistress of Illusion
Reality warperTo a limited degree. With enough practice, and if done often enough she can pull things out of the dream realm. This serves as her hammer space for her Toy Hammer; Judgement.
TelekenisisStandard Unicorn magic


Trope Descripton
AlicornShe was born this way.
Amazing Technicolored Ponyhsl(350, 100%, 75%)¤ Very light amaranth
Cherry Blossom Filly
Named Sakura, Ouka, or another name that invokes sakura trees.

Pink Hair

Sakura Blossom Motif

Themes of death, 'spring' and rebirth

Healing powers

Being born in early spring-time

Double Twin TailsPart of her Cherry Blossom Motif
Innocent Blue Eyeshsl(210, 100%, 50%)¤ Luminous vivid azure
Older than she looksAs a PermaFilly She'll eventually still look like a foal while being much older chronolgically.
Odango HairPart of her Cherry Motif
Ridiculously cuteHer cuteness is even remarked upon by the already cute older ponies.
Rose Maned Fillyhsl(330, 100%, 75%)¤ Very light rose

Characterization and BackgroundEdit

Trope Descripton
Adorably Precocious FillyWhen on her quest to get her cutie mark.
Badass Adorableand when she's not being badass, she's just adorable.
Cheerful FoalShe is the Element of Joy afterall.
CloudcuckoolanderShe is loud, random and, in a word, strange
Constantly CuriousAnd you know what they say about curiosity and cats.
Cuddle BugSome even call her the element of hugs.
Cute, But Cacophonic
Does not get sarcasmPartially due to being a foreigner
Entendre FailureShe comes to the wrong conclusion about what yaoi is.
Foally Foal
Foals are innocent
What's yaoi?
— Cherry Bloom
Genki Filly
Literal Minded
Miss Imagination
Plucky filly


Trope Descripton
Badass and Foal DuoExcept for the Orphan part With:
Four Girl/Temperament/Tribe Ensemble
With the CMC:
Apple Bloom - Smart Choleric Earth pony
Cherry Bloom - Sweet/Pretty Sanguine Alicorn
Scootaloo- Tomboy Melancholic Pegasus
Sweetie Belle- Pretty/Sweet Phlegmatic Unicorn
Interspecies FriendshipWith Spike
Pink Filly, Blue ColtWith True Blue
Tag Along Foal Often accompanies her older/bigger friends.
Tomboy and Girly GirlGirly Girl to Scootaloo and Beryl Blossom's Tomboy
Tomboy to Sweetie Belle's Girly Girl

Story TropesEdit

Trope Descripton
Aesop Amnesia
Break The Cutie

One Bad Apple

Damsel Out Of DistressShe's able to take care of herself ...Most of the time.
Desperately Looking For Her Cutie Mark. Up until she finds it that is.
Taken For GraniteRemember that Cockatrice from Stare Master? Turns out that sometimes fear is the appropriate response.


Trope Descripton
Centipede's Dilemma
Everything's better with spinning
Free Range Foal
Lethal Joke ItemSee Drop the Hammer.
Meaningful Name Her name is Cherry Bloom and she serves as an agent of friendship.
Now that's using your teethLike other ponies.
The Cutie