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3D Sakura

Kind Alicorn
Birthday 10/1/992 SSC
Sex Female
Sexuality Asexual
Residence Luneria
Occupation Princess, Student, Agent of Friendship
Nationality NeighponeseNeighpon text Horz
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Cherry Bloom's Judgement
Type Hammer
Origin Neighpon
Cherry Bloom's Fighting Stage Theme
3.79 Mb
Length 4:08
English Title Ninja Re Bang Bang (Cherry Bloom Mix)
Artist Cherry Bloom
Composer Yasutaka Nakata
Writer Yasutaka Nakata
Lyricist Yasutaka Nakata
published 2015
Written March 20, 2013
Language Neighponese
Form Online
Original Artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Performed by Cherry Bloom

Cherry BloomEdit

Cherry Bloom, née Sakura Yanko Tsuriganesou (釣鐘草桜陽子 Tsuriganesou Sakura Yanko?)Play is the third foal of seven of Empress Eternal Blue and Wolfberry, and Second Princess of the Imperial Family of Neighpon.


Early LifeEdit

Cherry Bloom and her twin sister, Peach Bloom, were born the first day of Spring in 992 in Neighpon's Imperial capital of Yotoequi. The twins were born of Wolfberry and Empress Eternal Blue, becoming the first and second Imperial Princesses of Neighpon.

Cherry Bloom was enrolled in numerous classes on royal etiquette and traditional fighting styles such as Karatei and Ninjutsu.

Cherry Bloom, quick to make friends with anypony around her, almost immediately struck a chord with the daughter of the Equestrian ambassadors, Melody.

Life in EquestriaEdit

During the year 998, Cherry Bloom only a filly of 5 years was brought to Equestria with her cousin and sworn bodyguard, True Blue during a diplomatic visit by her mother to the neighboring nation of Equestria.

Following the peace talks, it is decided that Cherry Bloom will remain behind in the Equestrian capital of Canterlot to be cared for by Princess Celestia as a sign of good will from the Equestrians and trust from the Neighponese, True Blue chose to remain behind with her to continue her training in Equestria.


Cherry Bloom inadvertantly ran into the ponies that would be her friends in the near future

Two years later, Cherry Bloom attended the Summer Sun Celebration being held in Ponyville and was witness to the return of Nightmare Moon and her subsequent return as a purified Princess Luna.
Taking an immediate shine to the smallet town of Ponyville, Cherry Bloom chose to move there from Canterlot, remaining to remain indefinitely in Equestria as an Agent of Friendship, further solidifying the peaceful nature of relations between Equestria and Neighpon.

Time Spent in PonyvilleEdit

Cherry Bloom struck up a fast friendship with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, the quartet of fillies calling themselves the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Cutie Mark Crusaders Sleepover at Rarity's, yay!

During an encounter in the Everfree Forest Cherry Bloom had an encounter with a Cockatrice, but due to a curious inability to experience fear, Cherry Bloom faced the monster with her usual good-natured attitude and was turned to stone, only being freed when Fluttershy was able to frighten the creature into releasing its victims.


992 CYP; Age 0Edit

-10/1/992 Cherry Bloom is born

998 CYP; Age 6Edit

-Cherry Bloom comes to Equestria during peace talks, remains in Canterlot.

1000 CYP; Age 8Edit

-1/1/1000 Cherry Bloom attends the Summer Sun Celebration, winds up staying in Ponyville as a peace envoy and an Agent of Friendship.

1015; Age 22Edit

The Nightmare Arc

1016; Age 23-24Edit

The Neighpon Arc

Appearences in Alternate Timeline EpisodesEdit

YAt least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot
SAt least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot, with no dialogue (spoken or thought)
BBackground appearance or an appearance where the character is not the focus
MNo appearance, but a mention by name or title
NNo appearance and no mention by name or title
UUnknown or Undecided
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