Oatfield is an abandoned township located in central northern Blackmist March. During the early 5th century cyp, Oatfield fell prey to a disease or curse of unknown origin and the townsfolk all perished. Today, all roads to Oatfield are blocked off with Ghost Sulfur torches and access to the town is forbidden by order of the Marquis de Chevalier.

History Edit

Oatfield was built upon the coast of a lake and used the reliable water source to power large-scale lumber-working machinery. During its heyday, Oatfield was the greatest supply of lumber in all of Prance. Its high status coupled with its relative proximity to the isolated manor of the Baron de Revenant, made Oatfield the de facto capital of the Barony Terres Revenant.

When the rebellion came which lead to the birth of Germaneigh, Maison Revenant was burned to the ground and the surviving heirs to the family name fled to Oatfield.