Noir Moonstep
Noir moonstep by lightofthunder-d4bqkol
Kind Earth pony
Sex Male
Residence Ponyville
Occupation Actor

A die hard ladies' man, Noir is the mirror image of Avenue Star, a popular old-Equestrian actor. Actually having been torn from the screen of one of Avenue Star's films, it is the life goal of both Noir and Dessin to find the original film reel of Moonrunner so that they can return home to the film world.


Noir Moonstep was the main character of the popular Equestrian movie, 'Moonrunner' during the time of the Discord crisis. During a screening of the movie in Ponyville , both Noir and Dessin, who was featured in an animated short before the movie, were torn from the screen and brought into Equestria

Both ponies found themselves lost in this new world and even after Discord's influence had been sealed away by the Elements of Harmony , Noir and Dessin remained as remnants of Discord's magic.

When sealing Discord away failed to return them home, Noir and Dessin broke into the Ponyville movie house after hours, hoping that they would be able to use the film reel to return home. Unfortunately, because neither of them knew how to properly operate a film projector, the film reel caught fire.

While nopony was harmed in the fire, their potential portal home was lost forever and, as prints of the film had become quite rare, they had to seek out the original print of the film before any attempt could be made to get back.

To this day, they are still searching for the film reel they hope will take them home.