Flag of Neighpon Neighpon symbol.svg
Flag National Symbol
Capital世都絵杙 (Yotoequi)
Official languages Neighponese
Recognized languages Equestrian
Demonym Neighponese
Government Monarchy
 -  Emperess Eternal Blue
 -  Emporer Consort Wolfberry
 -  First Prince Plum Dreamer
 -  First Princess Peach Bloom
 -  Second Princess Cherry Bloom
 -  Second Prince Strawberry Song
 -  Third Princess Pear Bloom
 -  Third Prince Apple Star
 -  Fourth Princess Almond Bloom

Neighpon (苗本 neippon?, Play) is a sovereign island nation off the coast of the Equestrian Continent.

Neighpon is an archipelago of 6,852 islands. The four largest islands are Horseshoe, Horsekaido, Equushu, and Mare-ikoku, which together comprise about ninety-seven percent of Neighpon's land area.

History Edit

Neighpon was founded by a lost portion of the three pony tribes who left their frozen homeland for founding of Equestria. During their travels, an intermixed group of ponies from all three tribes became hopelessly lost. They likely would have died in the wilderness, but the Ethereal Goddess of the sun, Hemera, took pity on them and, through divine inspiration, guided them to the sea before a lush and distant island. After building some simple ships to carry themselves across the narrow sea, the ponies arrived on the shores of what is now modern day Neighpon.

Similar to Equestria, but quite unlike the other sister pony kingdoms of Germaneigh and Prance, Neighpon's seperation from the Equestrians was not borne of strife or disharmony, which resulted in the Neighponese society being able to flourish through unificiation.

This unification would ultimately prove, as was the case in Equestria, to be a suitable birthing ground for Alicorns. The first members of The Imperial Family of Neighpon were born during this time.

Just as was the case in Equestria, the Alicorns were viewed as the ultimate unification of all three races and were raised above the others, named rulers.

The Alicorns were not, as many Equestrians and Neighponese had believed, Gods. In time, most of the Alicorns died out, only those bonded to something beyond their physical selves remaining beyond the near extinction of their race. These few, Princesses Celestia and  Luna of Equestria and Empress Eternal Blue of Neighpon, would become the ultimate rulers of their lands, Celestia and Luna sharing joined rule over Equestria and Eternal Blue maintaining a watchful eye over her island home as its ruling Empress.

Map of neighpon

Map of Neighpon


These ponies came to revere the Sun, and much of their culture to this day, including the central design of their flag, is shaped by that reverence.