Melody bloom by creshosk-d55ix8t

Melody with Cherry Bloom
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Residence [[Canterlot ]],[[Category:Canterlot residents]] [[ Luneria]][[Category: Luneria residents]]
Occupation Diplomat


Early LifeEdit

Melody was the child of the Equestrian ambassadors to Neighpon and spent much of her childhood moving back and forth between Ponyville (where she lived with her cousin Lyra) and the Equestrian embassy in the Neighponese capital of Yotoequi (よとえくい) with her parents.

Melody loved her time spent in Neighpon, learning much about the native culture and ponies, showing a particular flair for Neighponese instruments, such as the shamisen, for which she earned her cutie mark.

She befriended the children of the Empress, developing a particularly strong bond for the 3rd Imperial Princess, Cherry Bloom, whose friendly nature quickly endeared her to Melody.

2nd Nightmare CrisisEdit

Upon coming of age, Melody returned to Canterlot to go into the family business by working as an official representative of Canterlot and Princess Celestia. 

After the events of the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration, when Princess Luna began suffering from nightmares, Melody was sent to the Great Equestrian Plains to recruit a young Navapony Shaman named Dreamcatcher, who was known for having an ability to understand and manipulate dreams.

Melody befriended the young shaman on the road to Canterlot, and was, through her relationship with Dreamcatcher and Princess Luna, directly involved in the 2nd Nightmare Crisis. During the battle with Nightmare Moon, after Dreamcatcher was grievously wounded, Melody was charged by Princess Luna with keeping Dreamcatcher conscious and alive, and her decision to follow Dreamcatcher's request over Luna's and allow him to sleep was a deciding factor in the downfall of Nightmare Moon, though the decision very nearly cost Dreamcatcher his life.

After the events of the Nightmare Crisis, while Canterlot was being reconstructed after being ravaged by the battle, Melody brought Dreamcatcher back to Ponyville to stay with Lyra while her home was rebuilt. During their time there, they met a young couple of mares on their way to Manehattan named Moxi and Chillwind, the four became fast friends and remained so for the rest of their days.

Ambassador to NeighponEdit

Following her father's retirement, Melody was specially selected by Princess Celestia to serve as the Equestrian ambassador to Neighpon. From this point on, while she maintained a home in Canterlot, Melody lived primarily in the Neighponese capital of Equiyoto within the home of Empress Eternal Blue.

During Melody's time abroad, in the winter of 1009, Chillwind fell ill from a mysterious illness and quickly passed away, and while Melody was able to get home to Equestria in time for the funeral, it was already too late to pull Moxi out of her pit of depression. After Moxi left Manehattan for a new life in Luneria, Melody wouldn't hear from her friend for four long years.