Hidden deep within the Everfree forests rest's this small village, air still rich with ancient magics from days long past. Entry into its humble confines is sort after by many adventurers but few are ever able to manage entry. 


The full history of the Garden is shrouded in Mystery, it is said before her fall from grace, Princess Luna has spirited away ponies of various race, the young and lost and sought to form a new home for them, away from the bright sun with a new found appreciation for the beauty of the night sky. Such tales were never confirmed from the Royals of Equestria.

Regardless of the mystery of  initial inhabitants the Garden of Shadows is currently populated entierly by Bat Ponies who often refer to themselves as children of the night. They are a reclusive branch and seldom seek solace with other races, prefering those of their own kind. Bats are encouraged though not bound to stay within the Garden home, those who venture forth however do not share knowledge of their time within. All inhabitants are steadfast in their loyalty to the night and its Princess. 


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