Equiyoto Ghoul (Legacies)Edit

Equiyoto Ghoul
Following the Balefire Holocaust in the Neighponese wasteland, a fungus within the Neighponese World Tree 'Seikaiyou,' mutated to feed off of Balefire Radiation. It spent years growing within the tree, soaking up Balefire Radiation from the amber of the dead world tree.

Eventually, the fungus managed to release spores into the outside world, but the harsh wastes could not support their life. The spores could only survive by attaching themselves to the living creatures of the wasteland. From this unholy union the Equiyoto Ghoul is born. The spore overtakes the pony's entire body over a period of time, bombarding their cells with radiation from the inside, those ponies who ghoulify become overtaken by the spore's need to seek out sources of radiation, and those who do not ghoulify are left in a puddle of pony in the Neighponese Wasteland.

Equiyoto ghouls are rarely found wandering in the open, preferring to lurk near patches of intense radiation. They will remain at these locations until either the radiation fades away (at which point they will venture forth in search of another source of radiation) or until the fungus overtakes the ghoul's entire body.

Equiyoto ghouls who reach this stage can be found hidden away across the Neighponese Wasteland. There is no visible remnants of the original pony's body, (though whether it is consumed or simply encompassed by the growth remains uncertain) and as the fungus continues to absorb radiation it will swell until bursting, releasing a cloud of spores which will seek out new hosts.

Beserker Ghoul (Legacies)Edit

Rads Level Effect
0-199 No Effect S P E C I A DT
200-399 Minor Radiation Poisoning +1 +1 +1 +5
400-599 Advanced Radiation Poisoning +2 -1 +2 -1 -1 +2 +10
600-799 Critical Radiation Poisoning +3 -1 +3 -1 -1 +3 +15
800-999 Deadly Radiation Poisoning +4 -2 +4 -2 -2 +4 +20
1000+ Fatal Radiation Poisoning Same as deadly radiation, but gives off 1 rad per second for every 100 rads above 1000