Blackmist March, Prance
Brumenoire Marche
Maison chevalier by twilitmoon-d4ss8d9.png
Coat of arms
Official languages Fansie
Recognized languages Fansie, Equestrian, Germane
Demonym Fansie
Province of Kingdom of Prance
Government Hereditary Aristocracy
 -  Marquise Violet Plume de Chevalier
 -  Margravine Alicia de Chevaier
March (Prance)
Blackmist March (Brumenoire Marche) is a province in the southernmost region of Prance, running along the border between Prance and Germaneigh.

It is ruled over by the noble house Maison Chevalier. The region is mostly forests, with small to moderate sized towns scattered around. Most civilians of Blackmist March have some connection to the region's militia.

The scattered lakes of Blackmist are the exclusive source of Firesalt Reeds.


Blackmist March was established following the Battle of the Vale, a deciding battle in Prance's war with Germaneigh during the 6th century CYP, wherein Germane forces threatened to push into, and gain a hoof-hold within, Fansie territory.

The Fansie military ranks were broken and Germane troops began pouring through to occupy Fansie territory. When the enemy forces set up their primary base camp in the town of Clairville, subjugating the local residents, then common pony Arcturus de Chevalier rallied the ponies around the town to take up arms and expunge the Germane forces from the town. 

Instead of waiting for the military to restructure itself, Arcturus pushed onward, taking the most able colts of his town into the surrounding villages, gaining more support with each town successfully liberated.

By the time the Fansie military arrived, Arcturus and his militia had successfully routed the Germane forces back into Germaneigh, barricading the roads behind them to force any attempted movement into the notoriously treacherous Blackmist Forest

This marked a turning point in the war, and is heralded as the moment which saved Prance.

In thanks for his heroic actions, the King of Prance named Arcturus Marquis of the newly established province of Blackmist March, tasking him with defense of the nation's southern border and formally establishing the new noble house of Maison Chevalier.

The Marquis' manor was built on a hill overlooking Clairville and named Maison Chevalier, and it is from this manor that the Marquis de Chevalier reigns over Blackmist March to this day, answering only to the King of Prance himself.

Locations within Blackmist MarchEdit



Blackmist Forest

Maison Chevalier

The Ghost Mines

Harvest Moon Bay