Beryl Blossom
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Residence Luneria
Occupation Student

Early LifeEdit

The were skies broken with furious storms, beckoning the early birth of Berry and Meteor's daughter Beryl Blossom. Perhaps as an omen of the troublemaker to be. 

Her curiosity knowing little bounds as she sought to expand upon the world she knew despite this however study was never her forte, taking much more enjoyment escaping the confines of the house to play outside. More then willing to roughhouse with the young colts, she never did take to the role of a fragile filly, a Daddy's girl.

A troublemaker, she was often referred to as the element of mischief. sometimes too willing to go out of her way for a giggle, she always tried to make sure none were upset by her antics however not all her plans ended quite as well as she hoped. 

Despite this she can find if difficult to make friends, some ponies seeing her as little more then a trickster. She made a kinship with Cherry Bloom, the duo often rather hard to separate at times to the worry of older ponies within the town. Mischief and illusion a concerning mix. 

A loving daughter, many times at night she creeps out the small house to watch her mother catching falling stars with awe.