Berry Blast
Berry Blast
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Residence Canterlot


Early LifeEdit

Born into Ponyville with a Unicorn mother and Pegasus father. After her father was severely injured during a weather watch, her mother became overly paranoid about the wings that adorned her daughters back. Forbidding her from attending Cloudsdale, and doing all within her power to prevent her daughter from ever taking flight. This made Berry's younger life difficult, as she sought for a sky forever out of reach. 

During a camp far from her mothers sight, she witness stars shooting across the sky and with help from some of the pegasus night patrol she found her love for catching stars. Slowly and in secret she built up her wing strength to pursue her new-found dream of catching fallen stars. Eventually leading to her cutie mark. 


Out On Her OwnEdit

Leaving home at a young age she sought to make a life for herself, spending her first years of freedom working in Ponyvale at a small juice store. Still working towards her goal of a position in the Pegasai Night Patrol. 

During her attendance of the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot she met Sunset Rose. 

Sunset Rose and Berry Blast later separated, Sunset Rose staying in Canterlot to pursue her career as a famous author while Berry returned to Ponyville . 

She is later convinced to make her home within the walls of Luneria by a charming Stallion called Meteor Strike. Berry obtains her dream job within the Lunerian Weather Team as a star catcher, her house adorned with fragments of stars snuck away from work. In time she came to fall in love with her weather partner Meteor Strike and the two sought a relationship together.  

Berry would come to bare the couples Unicorn foal Beryl Blossom.